Sonoco Paperboard Specialties, which includes StanCap® and Rixie™ products, is a leading supplier of paper amenities globally.

Our core markets are primarily in North America however our presence is felt globally in such markets as Japan, Europe, Central & South America.  Our products are offered by major food-service, paper and advertising specialty distributors throughout the world. Our custom printing capabilities affords our customers the upmost in options and possibilities for their promotional and advertising requirements. We would be honored to provide you with viable solutions to your promotional needs.

Download our product specification catalog, available in English and Spanish.

Promote with Confidence.

Our printed products are great to dive your sales or to promote services, specials, or events. With Sonoco Paperboard Specialties, you can promote with confidence knowing that historically, the use of customer printed products have been an inexpensive method of driving up awareness of a product or service!


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